Different Inns have different events depending on the location. We try to match our events and special festivals with the local community that our inn is situated in. However, we do have our own events and festivals which we celebrate or organize every year no matter the inn location!

New Year Events

Start the new year with a blast in one of our inns! For travelers, nomads, and explorers who will be spending the new year on the road, try looking for one of our Inns and you’ll be in for a treat!

We believe that a new year should be greeted with fun and positive outlook in life so that the rest of it follows. Therefore, every year, starting from Dec 31st, 6 pm until January 1st, we host a free New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day party for all of our guests! We have food and drinks in the house!

Valentine’s Day Events

For February 14th only, every year, we offer a 30% off for accommodation fees for couples! All we need for you is to prove it that you are indeed a couple by kissing each other passionately for at least 15 seconds! The longer and more passionate you and your significant other kisses, the better the discount, which can go up to 50%! We have expert judges for this kind of thing.


If you want a peaceful and tranquil party place, Harbor Breeze Inn is your perfect choice! We have a hall and a large lawn that is capable of holding at least 3 dozen attendees. We offer luxurious and sophisticated food and drinks along with many different kinds of services and party items that you can rent for a discount if you are checked in.

Founder’s Day Events

Every year, we celebrate the Harbor Breeze Inn foundation. There is one for the day where the first inn was opened to the public and another for the specific day of establishment for a local inn. While this is mostly for employees, our customers who avail of the loyalty card can join in and enjoy the food and drinks along with prizes, competitions and other founder’s day related events.

Aside from these major events, we have many other minor daily events that you can look forward to.

We also accept special events for your special needs. For example, if you are a politician, you can host a political meeting with us. We’ll provide you with a special package that you and your constituents can enjoy.

If you are interested in the custom event plans, don’t hesitate to contact us!