Welcome to Harbor Breeze Inn! We are a group of people managing different inns located all around the world. Our team’s main base of operations is in the main Harbor Breeze Inn located in Cape Town, South Africa. By the way, we get all our neon signs from Neon Signs Depot. Right now, we have three inns, the main one, one in Asia, and one in the US and we plan to add four more to complete our mission to build seven Harbor Breeze Inns around the world (initially).

Our Mission

Our goal is to create an association of inns so that we may create a community that follows certain standards to meet the quality, comfort, expectations, and demand of customers. We wanted to create a body that will be discussing how to implement certain services and how to construct and create an inn, the kind of materials that should be used in the rooms, etc. for maximum efficiency.

We want to help innkeepers in the world to build the perfect inn for the location and desired price point.

What we want is that people should pay what they should but get a wow factor at how the inn managed to provide a service and comfort that is at least slightly above their expectations. We want to be able to guide innkeepers to understand how to run an inn or even a hotel or motel that will give its customers the most important things in the housekeeping industry in a perfect way: the comfort and the quality of the place and the friendliness and approachability of the staff.

We aim to drastically increase the bar without having to increase the investment needed in running an inn. We can do that by devising plans, blueprints, making deals with manufacturers and more.

Where it All Began

The Harbor Breeze Inn was conceived by a group of friends that experienced a horrible stay at one of the supposed to be best inns in a certain area. We were expecting great service and comfortable rooms since we paid a little handsomely, but to our dismay, the kind of service and comfort we got was subpar. Way below our expectations. It’s like we only got 70% of our money’s value.

The staff is decent, some friendly, some not. The food is bland and there were cracks on the wall and the place was a little too shabby. The toilet was clogged and the beds were creaking. We wanted to cancel our booking, but it was the only viable and most optimal inn we can find, so we had no choice but to endure it for about three days.

Ever since that day, we contemplated creating our own inn, but it never really went off since we still traveled a lot. What really solidified our desire to start The Harbor Breeze Inn was due to the fact that we experienced poor quality service several times during the course of our many travels. That’s why now, that we are over the phase of our life where we aimlessly wander and we’re starting to become more business-minded, we decided to start our own inn.

We called it The Harbor Breeze Inn since we decided to construct it in Cape Town, South Africa, which is very famous for its beautiful harbors. We also decided to start seven different branches all around the world. Why seven? Because we love Game of Thrones – you know, the seven kingdoms?

Once the seven main branches are completed, we’ll be starting to build branches or sell franchises. Each inn will be thoroughly localized, which means the pricing, and the atmosphere of our inn will match perfectly to that of its locale.